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For us, photography is a lifestyle, an excuse to pay attention to the beauty that is around us and record it forever. We focus on showing what is authentically beautiful in people and events. It requires commitment, creativity and attention to details, but the pay off is inspiring, energizing and unforgettable.

Authentic Photography


Armando Vallejo (Mandy)

Mandy has been a photographer for many years, one of his favorite genres is landscape and city photography, which he mixes with his passion for portraits and human celebrations. Mandy is a keen portrait photographer and has a special talent for making events and human connections shine through in his photography.

Guena Rod

Guena started photography as an artistic hobby, but many asked him to professionalize his art. HIS favorite genre is low-key, black-and-white portraiture, but he also enjoys shooting people at moments that matter most to them, such as engagements, weddings, or celebrating a new baby. Photography is a record to always keep those unrepeatable moments. Guena is also a chronicler of the beach, with his series in Black and White about Miami Beach.

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