¿The Beach?

Guena always believed that Miami beach was not a particularly interesting place. For years he photographed the Everglades and the Big Cypress Preserve, places abundant with life and unique landscapes in the world. One day, after a significant change in his life, he decided to walk the beach from one end to the other with a camera and, forcing himself to look at it in detail. He fell in love with the beauty it contains and the connections and complexity of its life.

The People

Miami Beach is one of the most diverse places to photograph. The city has great social and cultural riches. People of different nationalities, religions and sexual orientations all come to share the shores to horizon. In their attitudes, clothes and company you can imagine countless stories.

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The Non Human Friends

The presence of pets and seabirds is part of the blood that flows through Miami Beach. The sea is not the heritage of humans, but also of fascinating creatures more or less familiar to us. The seagulls, for their part, are the little queens of this natural feud.


People leave things everywhere. On the beach there are countless abandoned objects or placed in a way that simulates a rebellious rock art, against the monotony of the sand. There are also many vehicles, to have fun, to rescue, to accommodate the sandy ground. There they are, as much a part of the landscape as the salt water and the small dunes.

A place to always return to

The beach welcomes everyone, rich and poor, lovers and cynics. Everyone can release their inner child and flow with the waves.