Thanks Paul brother.

Yesterday, Pablo Pacheco Avila would have completed 20 years of the sentence that was imposed on him during what is now known as the "black spring." Precisely, today was the first day that Pablo would wake up outside the Cuban prisons. We spent this morning talking, had this photoshoot and we also recorded an interview in which Pablo tells us how his experience was and how he feels about the day that was initially planned for him, as his return to civil liberty.

Thanks to the mediation of the Catholic Church, Pablo and the rest of the group of 75, after approximately 7 years of sentence, were able to leave prison and several went into exile in Spain.

Pablo today continues to do activism for Cuba. In these images Pablo shows us the endless notes that he took in prison and that could be transformed into a work to be published. 

For our part, we want to continue to thank all those who have paid the terrible price of dissent. Freedom of conscience is a heritage of all. 

Pablo today is a happy man living in the US, with his family and his projects. Democracy in Cuba is pending for everyone, but remembering and thanking those who exercised their criteria, with everything against them and at the cost of an indescribable personal price, is practically a duty. 

Thanks Paul brother.