Kirby Storter Roadside Park

This park in the middle of Highway 41 offers a moment of rest for travelers, but it also offers much more for lovers of nature and photography. On a path of about a mile round trip, you can watch the passage from the cypress forest to the swamp.

We set out to take some pictures of the place, using not a professional camera, but an entry-level one, the Canon Rebel T5 or Canon 1200D. We also used an entry level fixed lens, the Canon EF 50mm 1.8.

Will we be able to take good pictures of this place with a camera from a decade ago and a lens from many more?

Of course, for nature photography, fixed lenses have their limitations, since going without the zoom to photograph wildlife is a great challenge. We wanted to show, however, that you can still take great pictures without having the most sophisticated or expensive equipment currently on the market.

In addition to showing you around and getting acquainted with another beautiful area of Florida, we also wanted to demonstrate the power of equipment that can be had secondhand for less than $250 and how the art of photography can be enjoyed with good image quality.