Cubans in Miami are one of the most politically active communities in the city and in South Florida at large. The existence of a totalitarian political regime on the island for more than six decades has always been an exceptional motivator for them to use all the means at their disposal to denounce and confront this oppressive reality.

On the bag you can read "Cuba says No to the dictatorship"

Cuban Singer "RasSandino"

Cuban singer "El Funky"

Cuban Singer "RasSandino"

This Saturday, February 25, a group of Cuban and American activists and artists met to make visible a campaign in favor of electoral abstention on the island, given that according to its electoral system, only one candidate is presented for each position to be elected. This occurred in a place called “La Esquina de la Abuela” (named after a former Cuban political prisoner who bought the space many years ago), located in Northwest Miami.

Cuban Poet Legna Rodriguez Iglesias

"Don´t Vote"

Cuban activist Carolina Barrero

For us it was a pleasure to be able to take these images of the activists and highlight their message. We concentrated on the movement and the human warmth that the meeting gave off, as well as the way in which the message was displayed, from the sweaters to the very façade of the place where the event was held. TV stations such as MegaTV covered the events.

"I Dont Vote"

Cuban activista Laura Marrero

Fridge at La Esquina de la Abuela

Cuban activist Reinier Diaz Vega. #FreeElections